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A Warm Welcome to New Modern Higher Secondary School

               Welcome to The New Modern H. S. School website. Whatever your interest in our school we are delighted that you are taking the time to learn a little more about us. 
If you are a current parent I would hope that the website provides you with up to date information on the school. If you are a prospective parent, may you be given a positive glimpse of New Modern H. S. School and be encouraged to contact us for further information concerning enrollment. Visits to the school are always welcome and can be arranged by contacting the Principal.



Dear prospective students,

         Welcome to New Modern H.S. School, NEW MODERN SCHOOL established in the year 2052 has been providing an ideal combination of opportunities and experiences to fulfill the ever growing demand of the society and the nation and to meet the global challenges of the 21st century. Quality in education remains the prime concern of today’s society. Therefore, the approach of every attempt in quality education must be enriched with special attention, wealthy environment and psychological treatment, which lead the students to involve them physically and mentally in the active participation and enable them to the updated development and intention. I’m very much delighted that the students are considering studying at NEW MODERN COLLEGE and it is hoped that you find this prospectus useful in choosing a course that meets your needs. As NEW MODERN +2 COLLEGE provides quality education, students keep this college in high priority, but due to limited seats, we can enrolls some of the students only. We suggest you to join this institution, feel free to contact us. Thanking you for your interest in NEW MODERN SCHOOL. We look forward to welcoming you to NEW MODERN H.S. SCHOOL.


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Rakesh Karna.

Address:     Jaleshwar-5, Nepal
Telephone: 044-521153
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